Yeni Teknik Construction Contracting Services ind.

In the business world besides companies which grow overnight, there are those which grow gradually but with sound steps. The light for those companies which grow very rapidly is likely to soon die away.

Yeni Teknik Construction Contracting Services ind. Trade Ltd. Co.

Yeni Teknik Yapı, by combining the dynamism of a young organization and experienced human resources with high technology and modern management systems, has achieved considerable success and today's competitive power.

Yeni Teknik Yapı, has adopted the approach in which companies which supported service creation and delivery process with a institutional structure are being accepted and preferred by customers as a reliable business partner for a long tem relation in today's competitive environment, and the company manages its resources according to this understanding.

Consequently, Yeni Teknik Yapı, by making corporation size arrangements; forms its quality, environment, occupational health and safety standards, as well as service standards in construction and after delivery periods, in a wide ranged perspective and unity.

Yeni Teknik Yapı has carried out works of institutions and corporations which has international and national partners and which demands service with high quality, all with success and this is the most important evidence that the company gives service with this approach.

Yeni Teknik Yapı has the proud of completing all the works it undertook in requested duration and quality. It has the perseverance and determination to continue and to improve this success in new projects which it will undertake with its outstanding technical staff, advanced machine park and its structure which aims continuous improvement.

YTY adopts customers’ satisfaction as a guarantee of future of the company and it facilitates all its resources in order to continue being a reliable and preferred company. In this regard, it is our common duty and responsibility to provide customer satisfaction in the highest level by improving our work processes, human resources, suppliers and sub contractors with our understanding of continuous improvement. In the framework of our work processes and institutional understanding, it is a requirement of our Integrated Management System policy to work for a sustainable and "open for development" future in the environment of competition. For this purpose, we will establish our Integrated Management System, which meets legal requirements and customer demands and we will use it by continuously improving it.

Dr. M. Nezih ERDEM

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