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In the business world besides companies which grow overnight, there are those which grow gradually but with sound steps. The light for those companies which grow very rapidly is likely to soon die away.

Dörken Sistem Construction Materials And Recyclable Raw Materials ind. And Trade Inc.. Co.

Dörken and Erdem Holding ünite their powers

A partnership agreement has been signed between the Sistem Organizasyon, a subsidiary of Erdem Holding and Dörken GmbH & Co. KG in order to be active in the construction sector on 4 February 2005. Erdem Holding unites its powers with the German Company Dörken, which holds the leadership in the production of construction materials.

A partnership agreement has been made between the companies Dörken, which has a past of l 12 years, and the Sistem Organization, a subsidiary of Erdem Holding forthe production of "Delta" and "drainage plate for foundation walls", the proprietary brand of Dörken. To make its production in the factories located in izmit, this new partnership shall have its headquarters in istanbul. The company, which is to function under the title Dörken Sistem A.Ş., shall initially perform the sales of new products via direct importation in addition to the roof membranes product produced by Dörken in Germany.

Dörken GmbH & Co.KG, the strong partner of Erdem Holding, is a family-ovvned company and today the fourth generation holds the management. Having made its first investment outside Germany in Canada, Dörken has secondly entered into a joint venture in our country with Erdem Holding.

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