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The visit of President Ahmet Necdet Sezer is an extraordinarily timely move that will hit the spot and bring much benefit

Date: 10.04.2005



Our President’s Visit to Syria

It is very clear that Syria is under close scrutiny of the USA and the EU that form a joint front for Syria’s withdrawal of its troops from Lebanon. Following the latest hot events, we see efforts that try to associate Turkey with relations with Syria and the Middle East crisis on an ever-escalating steps and to pull her into the whirlpool. However, our policy on the Middle East is very clear and conclusive. It fully circumvents complex calculations leading to a crisis but it argues for the contrary. It should be emphasized that Turkey has the mission and power, in cooperation with the USA, its strategic partner and ally, to prevent any movement that may likely disrupt the balances in the Middle East, and it has expressed its resolution in this respect in every opportunity.

While some asks for a contribution by Turkish Republic to the peace process in the Middle East, some circles that breed different opinions are in the pursue of different efforts to keep us away from the events. Those approaches, opinions and expectations are all wrong. No one should have and pump out doubts about Turkey. The visit by the Honorable President, Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer is an extraordinarily timely move that will hit the spot and bring much benefit. Moreover, it will be a beneficial visit that will allow our President and the Honorable President of Syria to mutually talk on those details that were not covered in the first place. I actually took a breath of relieve when I saw that Mr. President did not quit this visit because Turkey is a great country and the sole Muslim one that has an effective Democracy and a Secular Republic.

Under an objective evaluation, we are in a quite different position than that of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and similar ones. We are not, and cannot be, a country among their group. We are an exemplary one that advance in full throttle on its way to full democracy targeting modern civilizations, coupled by a high development rate and gross annual income.

In this case, if Ankara risks everything and prefers to set up a platform of dialogue, at the President level, with Damascus with whom we are having the greatest trouble in the history, this is a message that should be soundly interpreted by the USA, the EU and the UN. Washington is full of strategists skillful enough to make such an evaluation. It is out of the question to think that attempts favoring for compromise, understanding, settlement, balancing and getting a result will be futile for shaping up a better future. As a matter of act, this will be better understood after Mr. President’s visit to Damascus. It will be much clearer that this visit by our Honorable President will not aggravate a problem but contribute to its real, sensible and permanent solution.


Ten years ago-ten years later

Ten years ago we were talking with Mr. Murat Atıl in a TV program called “Morning Program” broadcast by ATV on Turkey’s relations with Iran and Northern Iraq. We were poring over the events in the region from different perspectives. We were analysing the problems in relation to exports, imports and transportation and underlining that a support in political platform was unavoidable for a solution.

Mr. Murat Atıl asked my opinion on Barzani and Talabani. I made a point, emphasizing that I never liked Turkey’s way in the region from the very beginning; that we should seize the control from the beginning with more serious actions and applications and that we should be much more active, wise and watchful, and then I pointed out my alternative suggestions. In particular, the way the USA moves around in this region and in other populated areas seemed somehow different and a little bit confusing. I was talking about it. I told that Mr. Talabani could easily be Iraq’s President if the things went on this way. I told that that power who then praised Turkey would be in a quite different position now. I even remember the points Mr. Cengiz Candar made then, which were popular at its time and broadcast once again on April 8th. He had said then for Talabani, with whom he had claimed to have a relation of sound friendship, that “he is an active, extremely intelligent figure with success in his relations and slick as a ball almost to the point of unreliability. The broadcast was over and faced questions from those perplexed people who had listened to our talk with surprise. “Can this be true?”A very dignified minister, who is also a close friend of mine and who watched the program called me and said that she fully agreed with me. She was Ms Imren Aykut, the then minister. I once more talked to her today. Everything followed up a plan that was put in place in the first place, and finalised according to it. It may be a good thing to remember.

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