In the business world besides companies which grow overnight, there are those which grow gradually but with sound steps. The light for those companies which grow very rapidly is likely to soon die away.

GENPA Got the First Place at Information 500

Date: 28.07.2015

“Information 500 Ceremony”, in which the 500 biggest information companies of Turkey are announced held in 23 July 2015, at Radisson Blu Hotel.

According to the results of the research carried out by M2S Research and Marketing Services, Genpa, by keeping its leadership, got the first place in Distributor Hardware Category and Mobile Phone Category in 2014 and proved its success again in its sector.

In the general list determined upon net sales revenues of the companies operating in Turkish information sector in 2014, while Genpa, compared to the previous year, jumped one rank and got the fifth place with 2 billion 367 million 206 thousand TL endorsement; Türk Telekom got the first place with 13 billion 601 million 623 thousand TL, Turkcell got the second place with 12 billion 43 million 587 thousand TL, Vodafone got the third place with 7 billion 525 million TL.

Özlen Unan, CEO of M2S Research and Marketing Services said “According to the data which the research put forth about Turkish information market, we predict that in 2015, while information technologies market will grow 15%, communication technologies market will grow 11%. We expect that in 2015 the grow on total market will be in software and service market like in 2014; and we expect that in 2015, while the size of software market will be 7,8 billion TL, that of service market will be 4,3 billion TL. In 2015, while telecommunication companies will keep their 50% cut in the market, the cut of software market on total information market will be 33%.

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