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Will the Global Crisis have an adverse effect on Turkey?

Tarih: 1.01.2011


The question preoccupying everyone; “Can Turkey possibly go through an economical depression?

What is the sort of the prospected depression? If the term “depression” is used as it was in the depressions of 1994 and 2001, there is no such possibility. Such depressions can no longer recur in Turkey.

This fact has numerous reasons. Most important of all, Turkish economy is no longer as fragile as it was in the depression periods. Those periods featured a colossally high and uncertain inflation. The politics was unstable. And there was a sunken banking system. None of these exists today. Now, the inflation is in single-digits. There is an ongoing anti-inflation program. The government has been implementing its fiscal policy quite staidly. The banking system has been consolidated. Despite its shortcomings and failings, Turkish economy has gained a growth rate of 7 per cent over the last seven years.

The world has not yet mentioned that the depression has bottomed out. As for Turkey, there is no status that requires mentioning depression. It can be suggested that Turkey will remain out of this global depression.

We are people embracing the real sector. Considering our 6-7 thousand workers, lots of offices, stores and shops, our manufacturing plants and our positions, we believe in the fact that we will cover long distances thanks to present and future measures that our government will take in order to escape the implications of the present global crisis in Turkish economy. Hence is our faith that our country will avoid the fatal impacts of that crisis thanks to a stable and decisive economic policy that Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our Prime Minister, will follow.

There are certain recommendations that as businessmen, we would like to give to the government, in addition to certain demands: The government should defer the tax debts of the companies, grant considerable allowances to those companies that pay their tax debts in lump sum. Eximbank should back up and extend loans to our exporters and our investors abroad. This means that our markets should be injected with funds so that the system is maintained in stable form. Our suggestions above address the needs of all firms that keep Turkish economy alive and kicking.

The new President of the USA: Mr. Barack Obama

The American people eventually went for a radical change and elected their new President.

The name of the change itself is exactly Mr. Barack Obama. Thanks to his name, speeches and opinions, he passes for a “symbol of change” not only in his motherland but also all around the world, representing a “global hope”. It is the first time in the US history that the entire university youth decided to vote in the elections in masses. It is not only that voting thing. These young people, actively played a role in the election campaigns for Mr. Obama, turned the wind into a sweeping storm.

Mr. Obama said that ancient politicians in Washington would go away and he himself would pursue a conciliatory approach. The financial crisis originated in America has already invaded the entire world. Mr. Obama stated that he would not deviate from the traditional policy of the Democrat Party and would strive for achieving common welfare by closing the gap between the rich and the poor. We believe that the USA’s foreign policy will change for the better in the pursue of peace, support the tentative negotiations between Turkey and Armenia after so many years; at least, USA will shy away from initiatives that would mine those negotiations and the things in Iraq will get better and recover soon for the humanity and the peace.

We congratulate Mr. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the USA, in the name of Turkish people.